Fearless Leaders
Stay Decisively Human in a
Digitally-Connected World.

Strategic Heartistry reveals an alternative to strategic planning.

This new modelling shows how fearless leaders can Re-imagine, Re-purpose and Re-start strategy and execution in decisively human ways.

It is the deliberate practice of being in rhythm with everything that makes your people and your business thrive in the new normal. Strategic Heartistry is about connecting hearts, heads and hands to plans.

Choose a start date and join this three-part, live, online, peer-group learning programme. You will carry away a bundle of game-changing, easy-to-integrate new modelling tools.


This is the Heart Age. We are calling you and your heart to work.

  • You will open up what you have always known deep down – the right alternative to traditional strategic planning.
  • You will consider new strategic direction weaving your way to new possibilities.
  • You will experience how true value quickly manifests when the heart is engaged.
  • You will explore how acting out of love and kindness evokes 'acts' of love and kindness in others.
  • You will witness how being ‘decisively human’ increases your top and bottom lines.
  • You will role model collaboration in a world that is fed up with competition.
  • You will find your voice in a world desperately wanting to hear you.